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An attractive website is an incomparable opportunity for entrepreneurs to make a good first impression on (potential) customers and therefore also a tool that should not be left unused.

What are the options?

Wie können Sie Ihre Produkte und Dienstleistung optimal platzieren, welche Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten bieten sich für Ihre Firmenhomepage/Ihren Onlineshop an, und wie kann man diese finden? Bei diesen und weiteren Fragen helfen wir Ihnen gerne weiter und beraten Sie persönlich, denn die unzähligen Möglichkeiten können einen leicht überwältigen.

Always keep the overview

Professional advice always means creating clarity - not only for customers who visit your future company website/online shop, but also for you in the first instance. We will gladly inform you about web design, web development, website maintenance and the importance of a good presence in social media platforms. Because before you start with your internet project, the possibilities that are available to you on the World Wide Web must first be discussed.


A good concept is the key to success

The success or failure of a website is not a matter of chance - whether many users stay on your website has to do above all with a well thought-out strategy that leaves nothing to chance. Because a planned and future-oriented conception as well as a clear objective of your website will lead to success in the long run. Moreover, a strategic approach can save time and money.

First steps

First of all, it must be determined what purpose/added value your website should serve, for example, primarily to attract new customers or simply to increase your own awareness. Furthermore, it is important to clarify which target group you want to address - in the course of this, strategies can be developed on how the website can be adapted to the user in order to reach exactly those whom you define as your target group.

Competitor analysis

Other important areas of an intelligent concept are the competitor analysis on the net and, to crown it all, an appealing visual concept that presents your company in the best possible way.

Guided by your ideas and creativity, we work out a complex concept. You dream - We design!


Unique Web design

Every company wants to have a high number of visitors to its website. But when a potential customer visits your website, the most important thing is to win him over as a "real" customer. The website must therefore first be designed in such a way that the user likes to stay on it: clearly structured and clear with barrier-free navigation, regardless of whether you are surfing the internet with a PC, tablet or smartphone. A perfect Responsive Design is an integral part.  Easy handling, fast loading times and perfect usability play a major role and are taken into account right from the start.

The importance of visual impressions

The first impression, before the user even gets to reading content, is the visual. More than 80 percent of our sensory impressions are taken in through our eyes, and it is much easier to retain information that is logically structured. An important role in the design of a website is therefore played, among other things, by the layout, appropriate colours, font and font size as well as easy navigation. If positive visual impressions are conveyed, this also creates a good first impression of your company, which the customer want.

Communicates seriousness and topicality and invites him to stay on your website. With our help, turn your website into an eye-catcher that leaves its mark on the visitor!

Individual and customised design

A website should not only be modern and always up-to-date, but above all it should present your products and services in an appealing way. Therefore, it is important to find custom-fit and individual solutions that meet the needs of your customers and appeal to your target group.

Print & Textile Design

In addition to creative web design, we also offer support in print campaigns and advertising measures. We are happy to take care of the design of all print items, such as business cards, flyers, textiles, etc. We would be happy to design an individual logo for you, always in close consultation with you, of course. In the textile sector, we offer finishing options such as transfer printing, flex and flock printing, effect printing/rhinestone, direct digital printing, screen printing (from 20 pieces), sublimation printing and embroidery.

Photography & Drone Shooting / Photo & Video Editing

Our services also include photography and recordings with a drone to present you and your company from all perspectives. We also offer to edit the photo and video material according to your wishes.

Web development

Maintenance and support

After the successful realisation of the project, we offer maintenance and support for your site. Because especially on the Internet, quick reaction to any problems that may arise, such as constant updates of your site with regard to content, system and security, is required.


Improve Search Engine Optimization

Outdated websites that are hardly updated are ranked lower in search engine rankings (for example by Google or Yahoo) and appear accordingly far down in the search results. This in turn has the disadvantage that fewer users visit these dusty websites - a nightmare for every entrepreneur. An attractive website that binds existing customers and attracts new ones thrives on the topicality of its content. Because if the last picture galleries on the homepage are a few years old and appointment calendars are not updated, this does not leave a serious impression on potential customers, nor on the search engine. To prevent this, continuous maintenance of your website is essential. Websites and online shops are a helpful tool when it comes to raising your profile and expanding your customer base, so you should not let this tool "gather dust".

Increase the attractiveness of your internet presence through maintenance

In order to remain attractive for visitors as well as for search engines, continuous maintenance of your website is simply a must - you attract more visitors to your site and your sales increase. In addition to flawless technical functioning, this includes, above all, the constant updating of relevant content. This means regular updates and backups as well as exciting content that is interesting for your customers, such as new blog articles and news. Consistent information renewal also ensures that users "remember" you - not only via social networks, but above all thanks to your appealing and always up-to-date website. The content should be constantly updated, as well as the system, to ensure the security of your website and online shop.

Continuous maintenance of websites/online shops costs a lot of time, but is of utmost importance for your customers. We are happy to take over the maintenance of your website so that you can concentrate on your actual profession.